Happy 2014 from the PR sandbox

2014It’s New Years’ Eve and I am feeling incredibly grateful that 2013 has been another fantastic year for Cook Public Relations.  A year of working with smart, passionate and fun clients and colleagues; a year of working on interesting and compelling issues and stories; and a year that has brought more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

As I’ve said here before, it wouldn’t be respectful or appropriate for me to talk about most of the work I do—that’s for my clients to share.  Or not.  But what I can share and still be excited about, are the opportunities I’ve had in the past year to work with other professionals in public relations and related areas who never fail to impress and inspire me, whether we’re collaborating on work for our clients, exploring opportunities, or working on a common cause.

I love how communications professionals are, almost without exception, willing to work together in a way that  is very unique within the business world. I can’t think of another profession where people who provide similar services are so willing to collaborate, offer referrals and resources, and share experiences and knowledge in the best interests of our clients, causes and each other. It’s one of the key reasons I enjoy my job so much.

So, as the final hours of 2013 trickle away, I’d like to thank a few of my communications and related colleagues for being part of my world in various ways over the past year: Nancy Spooner, Brenda Jones, Debbie Parhar, Pam Smith, Nancy McHarg, Carla Shore, Chris Freimond, Mark Smiciklas,  Gavin Dew, Clayton Goodfellow, Lesli Boldt and many others who I’ve not forgotten.

Let’s make it a goal to carry this with us into 2014.  It’s going to be the best year yet.