So smart, so simple. On-line house calls.

I’ve been working with the very smart, passionate and talented team at Medeo.  You know how sometimes a so-called “new” idea is so blazingly brilliant and obvious that it’s hard to believe it hasn’t already been done?

Medeo is like that.  It’s a simple but secure technology that allows anyone with the app to see their doctor – or a doctor – online.  Through their iphone, ipad or laptop.  You sign-up, Medeo connects you with your doctor and … well, that’s it actually.  You’re done.

Today, Medeo announced a partnership with Studentcare which will make on-line doctor visits available to up to 125,000 students at 13 universities and colleges throughout BC.  It’s another incredibly simple idea that will make it easier for students to take responsibility for their own health—often for the first time in their lives—through technology they’re really familiar and comfortable with.

We held a launch event today with the CEO’s of both organizations, Minister Andrew Wilkinson and student representatives from UBC and SFU.  We’ll all be hearing more and more about Medeo.

I’m really looking forward to watching and helping Medeo grow.


L to R: Ryan Wilson, CEO of Medeo, student representative from SFU, Andrew Wilkinson, the Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, student representative from UBC, and Lev Bukhman, Executive Director of Studentcare