Great people and ideas grow great companies

One of my favourite things about my time working in an agency was teaming up with a bunch of really smart, experienced and passionate communications professionals – almost all of whom became friends.

Fortunately, I still have lots of opportunities to work with smart, fabulous people and many of them I’ve worked with before.

Nancy McHarg and I recently teamed up to help launch a new company, Enterra Feed.  Enterra takes traceable, organic food waste from grocery stores, farms and food processors and uses insects to turn it into food and fertilizer; which in turn creates healthy, high quality plants and animals.

We worked with local entrepreneur, Brad Marchant, and co-founder Dr. David Suzuki to help Enterra tell their story through traditional media material and a great little video (which we did not produce – I couldn’t draw if my life depended on it).

Here’s the video:

… and here’s a story that ran on the front page of the Vancouver Sun. That doesn’t happen every day!